Optimist tuning guide

Here we got some numbers to setup you Opti to make it a perfect fit to our sail


Mast Rake

  • 280cm - 283cm in light to moderate winds
  • 285 cm over 4bft.


  • just enough to get the wrinkles out


  • in light wind just to get the rope on tension
  • if the wind increases more tension that the leech doesn’t fall open on the downwind


  • keep it closed not too open

Fixing The Sail On The Mast:

  • light to moderate, paralell to the mast
  • if the wind increases and you try to flatten the sail make the top and bottom a bit looser, you don’t have to touch the middle ones

Fixing The Sail On The Boom:

  • try to keep all ropes under 1cm (0,8mm are perfect)


  • keep increasing the tension while the wind get strong 

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