We were involved as a sailmakers in the Onyx project right from the start and did build the first prototype sails.

Our sails have been refined over the years and the sail selection has been further enhanced.

Landenberger OneDesign is the outfitter of the Onyx Compass Cup.




RAD 3.2

Radial mainsail with 6 full battens. The regulation of the slat tension is done with an Allen key batten tensioner.

The luff is equipped with Selden mast sliders, which allow a easier reefing.

Incl. Window on the boom and spreaders.

On request also available with a reef.



  • clear (with black X-Ply)
  • black
  • silver



The Onyx jib is built as a furling jib with vertical battens in the leech.

The jib  has a clew board with variable sheeting points to set the optimum sheeting angle of the self-tacking system

The luff is fastened with press buttons on the forestay.

The sail cut contains a window.



  • clear (with black X-Ply)
  • black
  • silver


The Onyx spi is available in 2 options:

  • 7/8 Spi 63qm
  • Top Spi 75qm (standard)

Single color is standard, multicolored spis are available on request




The Code0 is the ideal supplement for long-distance races where the ideal course angle is not perfect for the spinnaker.

Depending on how the sail is to be recovered, we offer two different cloth variants.

Fo the classic sail drop like a Spi in the cockpit -> polyester
Top-down Furler -> mylar-coated Code0 material



  • white (Maxikote)
  • light grey (CZ)

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