The Seggerling has a variety of different mast types, which makes it difficult for the sailmaker to build the right sail.

In the run-up it is very important that we discuss the peculiarities of the mast. In the ideal case, we get the customer supplies us with some mast bend figures, which help us to build a perfectly matched sail.


The RAD 3 is now the third evolutionary stage of our Seggerling sail which we have developed together with very active Seggerling sailors.

Again, we tried to achieve a good all-round ability to fully exploit both the up wind and downwind potential.

We adapt the sail to the crew weight. So for lighter sailors we make the sail a little flatter and fuller for heavier ones.

As battens we recommend Fiberfoam foam battens. They are a good compromise of price / performance, bending accuracy and weight.

For light wind specialists, we have a lighter material to choose from.


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