tiller extensions

Here you will find a selection of hand-picked tiller extensions, from professionals for professionals!

All tiller extensions come with the Ronstan RF3133 rubber joint, other joints such as HS Sprenger, SeaSure etc. are also possible by arrangement (please specify when ordering).

Murphys Taipan

The Taipan is the most filigree tiller among the Murphy's outriggers.

Depending on the length, ideal for the little dinghy or the flying A-Cat.

Murphys Mamba

The Mamba is the allround tiller from Murphys.

In a short version ideal e.g. on the laser, in long version ideal for F16 or F18.

Murphys Python

The Phyton is the non-plus ultra in stiffness.

The Phyton is especially recommended for long tillers and boats with high rudder pressure.

Due to the large diameter, it is comfortable to hold and the right choice for biger sport boats.

Murphys Accessoires

various tiller extensions

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