Our Opti sails have been developed over the years with various top sailors and coaches.

Currently we offer a cross-cut and a radial cut.

The different characteristics of the sails cover the complete range of different wind and wave conditions.

Whether light wind with smooth water or strong wind with short wave, we have the right sails for it!


The RAD # 7 is more profiled in the front area, which gives you a flatter leech.

This combination creates more power through the waves and opens the leech easier.

This makes the RAD # 7 easy to sail in more windy conditions.

Compared to our CrossCut models the RAD # 7 is clearly fuller. Lighter sailors should therefore always tend to the  CC # 4.

To keep the balance in the boat the RAD needs more mast rake then the CC.


  • Polyant 140B HTP


The horizontal cut CrossCut sail has the sail belly further back in the sail. As a result, you get the leech easier to stand up and the sail thus generates more power in light wind.

We've tried to keep the balance between profiling and twist in balance, so you can deepower the sail even in more wind to keep the boat flat.

The result is a perfect sail for lake races with the option to sail sometimes in harsher waters.

The CC sail is available in different versions:

CC # 4

Due to its features, the CC # 4 covers a large weight range. We recommend the CC # 4 from 30kg to 45kg. The sail is perfect for the beginner. But professionals also often opt for the CC # 4 because it's easy to sail and you can focus on the more important things in a regatta. 90% of our customers choose the CC # 4.

CC # 5

From 40kg you can think about switching to CC # 5. Compared to the CC # 4, the "5 Series" is significantly fuller, to provide sufficient power even for heavier sailors. The sail wants to be "actively" sailed. The trim must be exact to get the maximum performance out of this sail.

CC # 5B

The CC # 5B is a combination of # 4 and # 5. The sail builds on our successful CC # 4, but was changed in the head to give the sail a more aggresive leech. The leech responds even more closely and allows you to adjust the sail even more precisely. We recommend the sail for experienced regatta sailors with a weight of 35kg upwards.


  • Polyant 140B HTP

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