Shade sails

We are the right contact for individual awnings.

From small privacy screens to large sun sails, we have the right choice for every requirement.

We offer:

  • individual custom-made
  • various types of cloth
  • different colours
  • rolling systems
  • static clamping systems


sun protection

Sun protection of a roof terrace



  • 3-part awning
  • lateral bracing on wire ropes with riders
  • Sail can be easily removed
  • sewn with PTFE thread (very UV-stable)



Capmarine light gray

sun protection, for reefing

Terrace, sun protection under glass roof



  • individually made
  • Wire rope construction attached to existing construction and adapted
  • Awnings hung on brass day riders
  • able to reef with a simple sheet system


Material: Colorshade, coated, sand



Roof terrace, wind and sun protection



  • individually made
  • custom-made panels were used on the existing construction
  • the panels can be opened like a curtain or removed completely

Material: Colorshade, coated


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