Shade sails

Our experienced team is always available to help you choose the perfect shade sails for your needs. With comprehensive advice and customized solutions, we ensure that you are always well protected.

We place a high priority on quality and workmanship, using only the highest quality materials to provide you with a sun sail that not only looks elegant, but is also durable and robust.

Convince yourself of our commitment and visit us today. We are the right contact for individual sun sails that offer you protection and comfort.


sun protection

Sun protection of a roof terrace



  • 3-part awning
  • lateral bracing on wire ropes with riders
  • Sail can be easily removed
  • sewn with PTFE thread (very UV-stable)



Capemarine light gray

sun protection, for reefing

Terrace, sun protection under glass roof



  • individually made
  • Wire rope construction attached to existing construction and adapted
  • Awnings hung on brass day riders
  • able to reef with a simple sheet system


Material: Capemarine, coated, sand



Roof terrace, wind and sun protection



  • individually made
  • custom-made panels were used on the existing construction
  • the panels can be opened like a curtain or removed completely

Material: Capemarine, coated


shade sails on stock

shade sail, triangle

condition: 1

material: Colorshade, blue

dimensions: 4900x5900x7770


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